Pro-life strike (abortion boycott) mission:
To purify our prayers and other pro-life efforts, and to make a concrete difference, we refuse to fund the abortion industry. We boycott corporate abortion funding, and hold back abortion taxes. We pray for life; we will not pay for death!
Pro-life strike
A call to serious, sacrificial action

Abortion blood money
Are you tired of paying for abortion? Then stop doing so. That's the simple message behind this website. The terms "pro-life strike" and "abortion boycott" are two ways of saying one thing: the withdrawing of our money from the abortion industry. We believe abortion is evil, so we stop buying it.

By now you should be aware that a portion of your tax money is used to pay for procured abortions, and to fund abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. Similarly, many corporations use profits from your patronage to fund abortion. Under ObamaCare, you are compelled to pay for abortion directly via your health insurance, or via government "health" services. If all this is OK with you, go browse elsewhere. If it's not OK with you, please keep reading, and prayerfully consider joining this effort.

This has everything to do with our spiritual life, the real heart of our faith. We refuse to fund abortion so as to purify our prayers and other pro-life efforts. We must stop paying for death so we may sincerely pray and work for life, and so we may honestly serve and worship the Lord of Life.

Only God can stop the slaughter of the innocents. But you can stop consenting to the slaughter. You must stop consenting.
So, in addition to spiritual truth, this also involves concrete, material stuff like money, livelihood, and living arrangements.

Our purpose

This website seeks to do two things:

1.  Convoke a tax strike with a view toward ending taxpayer-funded abortions, and provoke pro-life people into recognizing the necessity of such a measure.

2.  Provide a place where we may meet to discuss principles, strategies, and concerns. That is, to begin to form a network, and to find strength and greater effectiveness in our shared experiences.

Your response

If you're still reading, and still interested, you might consider the following practical steps:

1.  Begin by reading the brief online brochure entitled Abortion And Your Taxes. It succinctly explores the moral problem of tax-funded abortion, and offers simple guidelines to follow in considering a response of tax resistance.

2.  When you have the time, you are invited to come back here and read the more comprehensive Pro-life strike manifesto.

3.  If you agree with these principles, please join us via our Sign up page. You will not be asked for money, nor will your email or other contact information be sold.

4.  Short of signing up, you may also contact us via our Contact page, or drop a comment at any post in our blog. That way, other folks can respond, back and forth in a roundtable conversation, a free exchange of thoughts and experiences. With sufficient interest, the website could perhaps expand to include a forum for an even better flow of ideas.

The idea here is to grow a network of like-minded individuals and families for mutual support, encouragement, insights, and to find strength in numbers as we resist the growing tax tyranny.

With some sort of vetting process, this site could even become a means to form more substantial and interdependent communities and relationships. Looking at our cultural and political mess, we may have to deliberately form an underground network. Meanwhile, let us avail ourselves of the free exchange of information afforded by the open web. Let us be innocent as doves but wise as serpents. (Mt.10:16)

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