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Saturday, July 3, 2010


And Saul was consenting to his death  Acts 8:1a

When the early Christian martyr Stephen was being stoned to death, the young man Saul did not cast a single stone. There is no indication that he actually did anything except stand by and observe. Those who stoned Stephen laid aside their outer clothes at Saul's feet, that's all.

Signing the 1040 But he consented. That seems to be important, doesn't it? Likewise, in Luke 23:50ff, it is noted that, though Joseph of Arimathea was a member of the Jewish council, he had not given his consent to their unjust condemnation of Jesus. The granting or refusal of consent is essential; it is what it means to exercise free will, the place where moral freedom and integrity are either claimed or lost.

Question: When Pro-life Christians sign their 1040 tax form, are they giving consent? By signing your name, are you exercising free will, or not?

The good news: Saul came to see the error of his ways, and converted, becoming the great evangelist. So may we.

Friday, April 30, 2010


An interesting development has occurred, just in the past few days, though not completely unexpected. I have accepted an offer on my home here in Wisconsin, and plan in early June 2010 to move to another part of the world, to escape the tyranny of tax-funded murder.

To repeat: this is not totally unexpected. As noted on the "Manifesto" page, the "Flee" strategy has always struck me as the purest Pro-Life Strike strategy of all, because it is a clean sweep. Now at long last (Lord willing, and the sale goes through), after years of trying other strategies, I may be able to get out of jail, so to speak.

My near future is a bit of a blank slate right now. I expect there will be work to do wherever I end up. I do not expect rest as long as I am on this earth. (Peace would be nice, if not rest.) As for this website, it is paid for until January 2011. If  there is an internet in my future, expect to hear from me again at some point before then. Please surprise me with a few hundred signups, folks who are willing to resist tax-funded abortion in some way, any way. I would love that kind of surprise.

You may still contact me as usual for a couple weeks yet. After that, ¿quién sabe?

Besides all that, today is the very last day Blogger will let me publish via ftp. (See "Blog changes coming" below, with notes.) So, even with a future internet presence, this may be the last blog entry. You can no longer add comments, either. But the blog will stay up, as a sort of library of thoughts, as one reader put it. As to what may develop in a few months - - ¿quién sabe?

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Caesar - 3

The fourth and most troubling level of injustice cited in the previous post comes down to this: when pro-life American Christians willingly sign their 1040 form, they become willing accomplices to tax-funded murder, and cannot blame anyone else.

Signing the 1040 As noted on the "Manifesto" page, and in at least two blog posts below [1] [2], the Scriptural mandate to "render to Caesar..." (Mt.22:21) cannot credibly be used as an excuse to docilely cooperate in the tax-funded holocaust.

We sing patriotic songs about our liberty, and we honor the rule of law enshrined in our Constitution. We proudly wave the flag and we pity the poor oppressed in other parts of the world. We are Americans; we are free.

The very act of signing the 1040 is indeed an act of freedom, a voluntary decision. No one forcing the signature, no gun to the head. And therein lies the problem.

Do we truly believe all the talk about freedom? Our Constitution says that we the people are Caesar, and the bureaucrats must answer to us. Then why continue to act as if the opposite were the case, and defer to the usurpers? Is this not abdication?

Now, I realize that active tax resistance is highly problematic and may be inadvisable for many folks, especially for those with young dependent children. But surely there must be at least a small percentage of pro-life people who can do this. A small percentage of millions is a few thousand. That would make a huge impact.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Four degrees

In the U.S. and other developed democratic nations, there exist four levels or degrees of injustice with regard to the slaughter of innocent pre-born. In my estimation, the latter levels are more troubling:

  • The first level is the taking of the human life. The murderer who wields the scalpel or suction tube, the mother who makes the fatal decision to hire the murderer or to use the abortifacient drug or device, the boyfriend, counselor, friend, parent or pastor who agree to and affirm the crime, are all guilty of a most grave injustice toward a fellow human being and toward their Creator.
  • The state is guilty of the second level of injustice. The main purpose of human government, its raison d'être, is to protect basic human rights. To deny legal protection to the most innocent and helpless humans is an injustice in its own right. There have always been murderers; only a corrupt and evil government offers them legal protection.
  • The state is also guilty of the third level of injustice when it compels its citizens to cooperate in the crime via taxes and mandates. This is no mere failure to protect life, but is a proactive assault upon both human life and upon human consciences. The judges and legislators and bureaucrats who enact and enforce such measures damn themselves in a most despicable way.
  • Finally, there is the fourth degree, an injustice perpetrated by an acquiescent citizenry. These otherwise decent people might fast and pray and protest, but as long as they willingly obey the aforementioned government measures, they are guilty of crime as well. Mandates without compliance are meaningless and harmless; the obedient citizen makes the mandates effective. Willing cooperation with evil is itself evil.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

David Little goes to jail

Yesterday David Little was sentenced to 66 days in jail for failure to file his Canadian income taxes.

Please see this blog post for some background. Better yet, visit David's website for details.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

No ObamaCare

Pertaining to U.S. citizens: The sign-up page now contains a checkbox for "No ObamaCare". If you refuse to comply with the mandates of the new health care bill, you may thereby count yourself as being part of the pro-life strike.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obey not - 2

As a follow-up to the aforementioned phone call to Congressman Obey's office, here is the text of a message just transmitted to his official web site:
Tues. March 16

Dear Mr. Obey:

As a follow-up of our March 3 phone messages to Matt Rudig, your staff person in Superior, this message is our due notice to you that we may hold you responsible for any legal ramifications of a health care mandate that passes with your support. Whether it is done under the guise of some parliamentary trick or whether it is done openly: if you support any measure that results in federal health care mandates, you may be held legally responsible for its consequences to us.

To be specific, as we hope it was made clear on March 3, we will not obey any mandate to purchase health insurance, nor to take part in a health care program or any such similar measure. All the measures proposed have amounted to tax-funded murder of the innocents and tyranny for citizens. Even if abortion mandates were not included, government health care mandates are simply unjust and tyrannical. We will not obey any such tyrannical measure. If a fine is therefore imposed, we will not pay the fine. If further legal ramifications follow, we will hold you personally responsible. The respondent in any lawsuit will be Mr. David Obey, not Congressman Obey.

We hope this is quite clear. Do as you please, but beware the consequences. This message serves as legal notice.

Gerald and Lenore DePyper
Superior, WI

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A parable

We're all in the same boat, each man doing his job, every one pulling his weight. That's how the system works. No shirkers; we're in this together, each laborer doing his job, every man to his oar. Cooperating in this way, we are able to make steady progress.

Gradually and slowly, however, a few of the workers begin to wonder about the overall course we seem to be taking. There begins to be some buzz about whether or not we're going the right way.

The sense of unrest grows. It is becoming clearer and clearer to more of the crew that the "progress" we are making is in the wrong direction. Besides that, our leaders have apparently gone over to the enemy's side. The misdirection may be deliberate! Those who are steering are using the ship, powered by our muscles, to work destruction and murder. Our toil has become counterproductive, perhaps deadly. We are empowering our wicked masters and helping them to wreak havoc and to shed innocent blood. Without realizing it, we are now party to evil deeds. We have become slaves on our own vessel!

Finally, one slave stops rowing. He looks around at his fellows who are still pulling on their oars. A thought forms in his mind. He begins to say, first to one and then to another of his comrades, "Hey, I just had an idea. What if we all stopped rowing? The ship would stop dead in its tracks, and our leaders would be helpless to proceed. Wouldn't that be a good thing?"

You finish the story.

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As of April 9, 2010, this blog does not accept further reader comments. See the blog article entitled "Blog changes coming" for more details.

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